Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wedding dress alteration, continued

Yes,  lately my feelings resemble the expression on this card... Only 17 days to go!

After talking to my mom about shoes for the wedding I changed my mind and decided to wear white pumps for the ceremony. Considering the veil I have chosen, my fun sandals just wouldn´t work with the outfit. But the plan is to change shoes later, when I take the veil off. If I hadn´t already owned a pair of white pumps I am not sure I would settle for this solution though. And another happy result is that I don´t have to hem the dress! The ceremony is where I would be most worried about tripping, so I think I can live with a little long dress later, as long as it fits when we are in the church. I hope this logic works out practically as well.

In addition to taking the dress in, I also wanted to alter the back. This meant shortening a zipper from the top. Since I am not an expert on tutorials, I will link to a couple here and here.

But then I didn´t know what to do - should I add a sash or not? And what about the pretty lace trim. Ahhhh... Luckily, my maid of honor came over to help me make that decision. I am so close to being done now, which is about time. Pictures of the finished product will have to wait a few more weeks.

PS. For amazing cards for a wedding/any other occasion, check out Emily McDowells shop on etsy.

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