Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bachelorette party in Telemark

Bachelorette party. A scary term. I like to have control of what is going on, know my plans in advance and generally I plan a lot. So to put my life in someone elses hands for a whole day seemed a little scary. Not that my friends are mean, not at all, and there really wasn´t anything to be worried about.

I had some suspicions to when this would take place, since I know how busy my dear maid of honor is, but I still wasn´t sure until she let me know a couple of days ahead that I would have to pack my bags for an overnight trip, and make sure to bring a bikini. I also got to know that I would receive an overnight guest from Friday to Saturday, and was very curious to who that might be.

After some miscommunication about pick up point Friday night, I could finally welcome a friend from my home town. Since she is 8 months pregnant I really didnt expect her to come all the way, so that was a great start of the weekend.

Saturday morning some wonderful ladies came over with breakfast, and the next thing thing on the program was a relaxing time at the spa in Fritidsparken.

The weather was perfect, nice and warm, and it was a lovely sight to drive from Skien to Dalen, a small town that is known as the destination for the Telemark canal. We arrived at a gallery opening where I had to read from one of Ibsen´s plays, dressed in traditional stakk from Hallingdal. The audience was captivated, Im sure...

Welcome to Dalen Hotel! This amazing property is over 100 years old and has housed celebrities, royalty, and us... Well, we lounged around, had some tea on the terrace and did yoga in the park!

After watching "Henrik Ibsen" sailing in, we drove up on the mountain, to Anne Maris cabin at Rauland. We got to see a beautiful sunset, eat delicious food and just hang out and relax till the next morning.

Thank you so much girls, it was an amazing weekend! 

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