Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wedding decor: Something old and very personal

The china "Grønn Marie", inherited from Mormor Inga Marie.

In November I went to Ålesund for some wedding planning. When visiting the venue I was happy with most of it, but hated their coffee cups. As you probably know, I love thrift stores and vintage things, so the thought of using old china for the wedding had already struck me. However, since this is a destination wedding of sorts I am trying to avoid buying lots of stuff we will have to bring along.

My Farmor (grandma) Ingrid has always had lots of pretty china, so when I visited her later that weekend I asked if she would be willing to lend us some of it for our wedding reception. She was very excited and told me I could borrow as much as I needed.

In January Farmor unexpectedly passed away. We were all shocked and very sad. One major reason for choosing Ålesund as our wedding destination was to make sure she could make it, as she was my last grandparent. At the gathering after the funeral service, our wedding was mentioned in speeches several times, and my grandma´s neighbor even mentioned the part about the china. Now that she won't be there with us, I am so grateful she was part of the planning, and will play a part in the celebration as well. In a way, it will be my "something borrowed".

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