Monday, December 30, 2013

Stop shop: A White Dress

When I started my Live Simply project I had a hunch I would be engaged before the year was over, and in my mind, there was allowance for a white dress on my exceptions list. (Obviously I didnt share that with the rest of the world.)

To keep in with my project, I looked at vintage dresses, but trying them on can be very tricky when they are on the other side of the country (or planet!). I do think it can be a great alternative, and there are several small shops on Etsy that specialize in vintage wedding dresses. If you live in a big city, this might be a lot easier.

One evening, after a few to many episodes of "Say yes to the dress", I found this video where a girl goes out to find why wedding dresses are so expensive:

I am not sure if I agree with her. Perhaps the dresses are worth their price, considering the fabric, labor, advertisement and so on. The questions is rather if the price of a wedding dress is worth it to me.

Another issue is that most wedding dresses, with layers of tulle and ball gown silhouettes, seems designed to make girls feel and look like a princess. And while I guess it is okay to be a princess for your wedding day, after trying on a lot of these dresses, I realized I didn´t like to wear them. They were heavy, stiff and not very much like me.

Personally I do not feel comfortable spending a huge amount on a dress that will definitely only be worn for one day. That might be the reason I ended up buying a white dress from a small non-bridal store in Tallinn, because it was comfortable, pretty and had a decent price. They didn´t have my size though, so now I am reading tutorials on "How to sew lace", and blogs by brides who made their own wedding dresses. At least there will be one major DIY project for this wedding!

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