Sunday, August 5, 2012

Local treasures

This past week has been a lovely staycation in Skien. I´ve had time to do some work at home. Ever since I moved in, the unpainted trim has annoyed me, and I finally got around to it. Since everything was in the middle of the room anyways, I decided to rearrange a little, but pictures of that will have to wait till the process is completed. I can tell you this though: change was very welcome!

I have also had time to explore the area. In December I participated in a competition and became the lucky winner of a trip with the Canal Queen M/S Victoria. I crossed all my fingers and toes for good weather, and got tickets for Saturday. Since it has been raining both before and after, we had all the luck we could get this day. The weather was beautiful, the company was perfect and the canal system and locks were pretty fascinating too. Here is a peak at what it all looked like:

Soundtrack: Kopecky Family band. Download there latest EPs for free here! 


  1. Nydeleg. Har veldig lyst å ta turen sjølv ein gong.

    Vert kjekt når Telemarkskanalen skal gå minutt for minutt på NRK om nokre dagar.

  2. Hi Ragnhild!
    Sorry for very late answer but the table is Fat fat and from Asplund
    The design is by Patricia Urquiola and I´m sure that you will find it somewhere in Norway.

    Have a fine day!


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