Thursday, February 23, 2012

At home

I am reading multiple books at the same time. Thats not typical me, but I am trying it out. Sherlock Holmes is by my bedside, I travelled with Bill Bryson and on my coffee table Herbjørg Wassmo is waiting patiently for me to take time for her. (PS. The updated "What am I reading right now" list can always be found in the Bookworm section to the right...)

I had a wonderful time in Copenhagen the past weekend with great friends, and will show pictures soon. On my way out of Oslo I picked up "At Home" by Bill Bryson. I love his travel books, but this one is about a different kind of journey. The one inside a typical home and the story of how it all came to be. I am currently in a chapter about light and electricity, a rather new phenomenon in the big perspective. If you are curious like me, I think you will find this book entertaining.

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  1. I've been wanting to read his books for awhile now, ever since I heard him on the radio in England. Though I must say, there are about 50 books in line ahead of him.


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