Saturday, January 21, 2012

IKEA adventures

One early winter morning three YWAM Skien ladies drive to IKEA on an interior mission. Some of the new rooms at the base needed furniture, and we were more than happy to go on a little road trip. Of course we found time for some shopping of our own, but let me tell you, there wasn´t room for one more thing in that car! I loved jigsaw puzzles when I was a child, and that skill still comes in handy sometimes.

Even though I got almost what I had a on my list, some new things were added. We bought a couple of the Poäng chairs in black for the base, and I started liking this chair. I think it would fit in my living room, so I will put it on the wish list.

One of these wouldn´t hurt in the kitchen.

And you can never get enough storage, right?

My purchases will have to wait, most of them are going towards my new guestroom/office when my roommate moves out in February. We also found time to stop by Stoff og Stil (fabric store) where I got leather needles. I have some projects in my head, and now I´ve got everything I need to start!

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