Thursday, January 26, 2012


The past days have been spent at Grimerud, YWAM Norway´s main center. I have realized that it can be a lot more effective and fruitful to be in the same room as the people I work with, and so I we did. The result: Planning logistics and marketing for GOfest, translating, brain storming and writing for Mot Målet, and other communication work for YWAM Norway. Good times in the office.

I have always wondered what the people here do on their spare time. Of course there is the prayer room that never closes, but what else is there do on the country side? With some spare time to kill I joined the girls for an unexpected road trip all over Hamar, which we all enjoyed.

Yesterday we watched the Norwegian short film Tuba Atlantic. An old man hears from his doctor that he will day in a few days, and together with a young girl who wants to be his "death angel", he waits for the winds to turn so the sound of his giant tuba can reach his brother on the other side of the Atlantic. The film is nominated for the Oscars this year, which is pretty impressive for a student film. You can rent and watch the Tuba Atlantic trailer or movie at I recommend it!

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  1. Så glad for at du koser deg!!! Høres slik ut...;-) Håper på å se deg til uka... Klem


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