Monday, October 3, 2011

Have a seat!

Before: Chair no 1. From a previous restyle. 
I had plans for the seat all along, I just needed to get my hands on one of those amazing staple guns.

After: A blue corduroy update

I love my staple gun! 

Before: Chair no 2, a blank canvas

After: A crazy patterned vintage thrifted skirt got a new life in my living room.
The chair might get a few new coats of paint, but that will have to be for a later occasion. 

Oh, and it seems like I had no ability to hold the camera steady this day... 

In other news: RISK is happening right now, and things are a little crazy around these parts. Follow this adventure on facebook: RISK - Jesus to all of Europe and our blog if you would like to stay updated!

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  1. Så flott makeover! Kjekt du helde deg i aktivitet med kreative syssler. Motiverande!


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