Sunday, July 10, 2011

ReStyle Sunday: Hippie headband

Restyle #21 and today I have a DIY for my hippie headband!

First step: Gather your supplies: Some elastic,

you will need some yarn or ribbon,

a few needles (a sewing machine is optional), 

and the main ingredient: your favorite trim.
Mine is vintage and I used about 40 cm.

Step two: Place the elastic and yarn on the back of the trim, 
wrap the trim around it and sew it all together.

Well, with this type of woven trim it is hard to finish well, 
therefore another step is in order: 

Three: Start wrapping the yarn around the edge.

Four: Secure with some stitches. 
The main challenge here is to thread the needle...

Five: Measure the headband around your head and make sure you have the right length of elastic, 
then repeat the process on the other side.

Voila - ready to wear!

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