Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Since I live in Princess street now, it was only fitting to read a biography of a member of royalty. The reason my choice fell upon the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf can only be attributed to my dear book club. A scandalous book indeed, revealing secrets (?) about family ties to German Nazis and a never ending list of parties and women on the King´s side. Not a book I would personally choose, but it was interesting to read about his childhood and background. I am glad I was born in a normal family! And I have a feeling there will be an interesting debate about royalty, privacy and culture tonight as we gather with the book club for the last time before the summer starts.

Another observation: Reading in Swedish was a little challenging, and I may or may not have skipped some parts about Swedish laws.

And here is my very own balcony, a great place to read a book or two, and drink my morning coffee.

Chair and stool, flea markets
Side table, found
Flowers and jar vase, gifted
String of pearls and bells, souvenir from Israel

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