Sunday, June 12, 2011

ReStyle Sunday: House edition no. 1 - The Stairs

Wow, its been two whole weeks since I last blogged! I am sorry it has taken this long, but moving in is serious work and with little internet to speak of at home, it is a little more challenging to find the time. Today I will show you a restyle of the living room :) Technically it doesnt fit the criterias for the ReStyle project, but thats alright with me. 

Before: A total mess of furniture and boxes. The loft had a ladder that came in through the closet you can get a glimpse of in the back, but I would rather like to use the closet for storage, not some type of secret Narnia entrance to my bedroom. 

My parents came to town, and my dad built these wonderful stairs for me! 

A few coats of paint on the balcony later... (and a coat on the brick wall as well)

Voila - functional, pretty and sturdy ladder.

All furniture: Thrift store finds
Paint color: Refleksjon on wall and ladder
And some pretty wild flowers from pretty girls who came over last night. 

Hope you like this first little peek into my home!


  1. Så fint du får det! Gratulere med leilighet!

  2. Eg likar det er ser! gratulere! gler meg til å sjå meir:)

  3. Takk, takk! Det tar litt tid å bo seg inn, så ej kan ikkje avsløre alt med en gong ;)


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