Friday, October 8, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

1.   The first thing I do in the morning to start my day is  drink a glass of water and take my vitamins before the very essential cup of coffee!

2.  Today I wish I was able to sleep in and be crafty all day. 

3.  If I had an extra $100 in my bank account today I'd take it out and spend it on flea markets this weekend. 

4.  Tomorrow   my sister is coming to town! Hooray for sister time and planning our parents birthday party. Maybe we will squeeze in some flea markets in there too.

5.  Two things that don't go together are   NO cash in my wallet when and a total at the store of 1 kr (15 cents). Good thing Im not charged to use my debit card... 

6.  Something I can never pass up at the grocery store is  nothing really. I have pretty good self-control, though I do love grocery shopping and tend to buy more lemons and limes than I really need... 

7.  The last time I tried something new was   yesterday when I (accidentally) made an attempt of making bread without yeast. I tried adding it after it had been "rising" for some time, but I will not do that again, nor recommend it to anyone else. 

Thanks to Lauren for this little challenge!

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