Thursday, September 9, 2010

I have looked at dozens of recipes...

but no new cooking endeavors this week... yet.
We have plans of befriending the old lady next door and ask for some of the fruit on her pear tree, and some friends offered us plums as well, so perhaps this weekend there will be jam made from scratch. That chapter will be continued later.

The School of Evangelism (SOE) started today, and next week there will be DTS students coming our way as well. In total we are receiving 43 new students this fall, which is a record! Naturally, we are trying to make room for all of them and the 50+ staff that work here as well. And this is what they are coming too, I present to you Skien:

The river with the most amazing little tug boat

Lyndee and I want this as our ride to work. Seriously, who wouldnt?

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