Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings

One of my new favourite things to do:
Take my shoes off at the corner with the traffic lights on Klostergaten 
and walk barefoot across a small grass patch and the rest of the way home.

Someone gave us a freezer today! 
Hello winter: you will be met with homemade and handpicked goodies.
 This house might turn into a bakery... 

And tonight my parents are traveling through town. 

Skien is not a place many people choose as the final destination for  a holiday, 
it´s not even conveniently on the way many places,
 so random visitors happens on a rare occasion, but welcome it gladly :)

So many wonderful things in one day! 
Everything else about this day (and week) is centered around GOfest... 
It´s a lot of work, and I believe it will be exciting!

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  1. Well this was amazing. Thank you for a great breakfast and a strange meeting with "Skrot Tor" We`ll be back



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