Sunday, August 29, 2010

Very very pretty

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I love this look! Two of my favorite shades of blue and a cute lace trimmed blouse. As fall has been knocking on the door in Skien the past weeks, I would pair the skirt and shirt with grey tights, a green army style parka (both from Urban Outfitters), a similar blue scarf I already have, my vintage cameo necklace (similar to the one below), and vintage tan leather boots and rose earrings (found on etsy).

This would be the perfect outfit for the office and the bike ride there into the fall, and winning this would very helpful for my very limited missionary shopping budget this season. I usually buy second hand and can´t afford investing in pieces like the ones Gillian Tennant makes, but I wish I could!


  1. Trur ditt garderobeskap e litt meir spennande enn mitt. Dvs, ej veit at det e det ;-)

  2. alright, here's my beef: i could dig that, but then you threw the boots in there. i can't get behind that. (it's not that i'm trying to be negative.. i'm just saying) i think females think boots look a lot better with skirts than they do. i'm not sure why that is. maybe it's the part of them that wishes life was as carefree and wonderful as being a cowgirl, but one with no responsibility. i'm not saying you don't want responsibility. i just don't think boots (generally) look good with skirts. no offense. flats, however...


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