Thursday, August 19, 2010

Be more like the man you were made to be

It is time to give an update.

Four days have passed after GOfest (but it feels like ten), and I bet everyone is anxious to see all my outfits. Perhaps not, but here comes a recap of what happened, 
INCLUDING some of the outfits:

Workers gathering: 2nd hand t-shirt (H&M), silver 10 year anniversary necklace from the lovely Irene (We´re getting close to 20 now, can you believe it??) 

From August 1st - 15th my life seemed to be all about managing YWAM Skien and Norway to be able to run a festival for all our workers and friends, which meant countless phone calls, probably 200 emails, planning meetings, committee meetings and many many hours in front of the computer. Good thing I had the best preparation crew ever! 
(See previous post)

Monday the 9th we had all our Skien staff back in town. It is always a bittersweet time of year. On the one hand you have your good friends and the new staff/last years students, but then there are all the people who all of a sudden are missing. Great people like Ingebjørg, Kristianne (who took all these GOfest photos. Check out her flickr here, she is an artist!), Linn, Evan, Stine, Christian... 
...and many more:
I will miss you!

However, there was little time to reflect on this matter, as GOfest was rapidly approaching.
 Only days left before Arne and I could welcome 300 YWAM staff/children and 450 YWAM friends to the opening meeting:

Vintage skirt, t-shirt from Target and my Grandma´s cameo necklace. 
Arne is sporting a Star Wars t-shirt, hoping the force would be with us.

The whole thing lasted for five days, and instead of retelling all of it, I thought I would share some 
GOfest key words:
Passion, Purpose, Promise.

Sunny days and rainy nights, friends, fun, hard work, ice cream and coffee. 

Jesus saves, Jesus heals, 
Jesus unitesBabies, children, teenagers, adults, grandparents
A giant YWAM family reunion!

Celebrations and anniversaries.
Tom Bloomer, Alv Magnus,  Andreas Nordli,Elin Fagerbakke.
Outreach stories and visions of great projects.

"He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, 
and the hearts of the children to their fathers." 

And he calls us to GO! So we sent everyone out to preach the good news of the Kingdom to all spheres of society in Norway, Sweden, Africa, South America, Asia and beyond.  

Lets just say I am glad to be a part of God´s family and very thankful for his grace. 

 Dress from India and hair accessories from Claire´s 

We already started planning GOfest 2011, and I think it will be great! 

All pictures: Kristianne Marøy. Some editing by myself.


  1. Veldig kul blogg... :) LI

  2. jaaa!!! sååå bra! hurra for Jesus som dukka opp, og hurra for vakre dej som gjer en strålandes jobb:)

  3. Det er så kjekt å lese bloggen din, for då får eg med meg litt meir av kva du fyller dagane dine med. Her går alt bra. Eg får besøk frå Danmark i dag, og eg gler meg!
    Du er god.

  4. Takk skal dokke ha, flotte jenter! Kanskje du skulle begynt me å skrive blog igjen Mari, om sykling eller drama eller nokke?

  5. nice mumford & sons reference. also, i like that the guy standing next to you in the second picture is wearing a star wars shirt..

  6. Du e so flink med engelsk! Hadde trengt mej et lite oppfriskningskurs :-)

    Hekje heilt fått med mej ka rolle du he hatt på GOfest, men ser du står med mikrofon iallefall. Flinke!


  7. Danny: I know, Mumford and Sons is always a good way to go. I also had no influence on his choice of shirt whatsoever, but thanks anyway...

    Torill: Ej va en av festivallederane, så det va mykje koordinering av både planlegginga og gjennomføringa. Og engelsken kjem mykje lettere når en bruka den kvar dag!


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