Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What I wore...

...to the photo shoot with Irene. She is my oldest friend, and by that I mean that she is the one I´ve known the longest. She is a wonderful and creative artist who recently took up photography. I had the pleasure of modeling for her one summer night. The photos are taken at Fiskerstranda and Lerheimkaia in Langevåg. We had so much fun and now she has gotten me into photo editing too... (Hooray for Adobe Lightroom trial!) You should check out her graphic design work at www.irenelovund.com

Here is a sneak peak into the evening:

Dress (Irene´s, from Forever 21)
Cardigan (Forever 21)
Shoes (Thrifted, Le Mars)

Pants (H&M)
Jacket (Vintage, Skrot-Tor)

Scarf (Thrifted, Skien)
Clip earrings (Thrifted, Skien)
Flowers (Claire´s)
Bow (Homemade)

You can see more photos on my facebook page. Irene is turning me nocturnal as well, but now it´s definitely time to say good night!


  1. du er så skjønn ragnhild!! sees!! klem brittern

  2. Takktakk! Sunnmøre har og mykje vått regn, men her er så fint at det gjer faktisk ingenting, hit reiser eg nok igjen. Men først: Køben (hvertfall for en liten time)


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