Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rosemary raisin bread

One of my favorite recipes for bread is one by Jamie Oliver. This unusual bread is perfect with cheese, or even just butter when it´s fresh and hot from the oven.

Rosemary raisin bread

1 kg white flour
30 grams yeast
30 grams salt
30 grams honey/sugar
6 1/4 dl water

a large handful raisins, chopped
a bunch rosemary, chopped

Mix flour and salt.
Dissolve yeast and honey in lukewarm water.
Add water to the flour till mixed. This is where you add raisins and rosemary. You could potentially add anything you want right here: nuts, herbs, spices, seeds...
Then you knead the dough till it is firm and soft. Let it rise and double in size in a warm place.
This makes two large bread. Shape them the way you want, I like to let them live their own life, but you can use bread pans if you want, but then you might have three loafs instead.
Let the bread rise to double size again.
Make deep cuts in the bread with a sharp knife and bake on 180 C for about 25 minutes.

I think this bread is best the day you make it, but if you toast it lightly it will taste just as fine later.

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