Thursday, October 4, 2012

Restyle: Home edition no. 3 - The Balcony

I thought I liked my balcony. But that was before it got a major makeover!
If you need a reminder of the before look, here is one, and another one here.

My dad is both handy and kind, so he offered to come down here for a few days to work on some projects in the apartment. The initial plan was to improve the balcony, but we found time for a lot of other things as well. 

This is what the place looked like before I went to work Thursday morning: 

And a couple of days later, voila! 
My view is a very different one. 

What do you think?
Do I have the best dad or what?

The stairs now serve as seating for several people,
and there is some bonus storage in the bench as well.
Also, did you notice that there is no hole above the door anymore? 

It is only a little sad that the outdoor season is over. I might try to extend it a little with some help from wool blankets and cups of tea...

Good thing we made some indoor improvements as well! 

Plastic rug, Søstrene Grene
Lantern, early birthday gift from my mom!
Wire basket and planters, thrifted/found


  1. Flinke onkel sjonkel ;-) Må snart uti Loddefjord en tur for å sjekke ståda trur ej.

  2. Verdas beste pappa. Fint det blei :) Gler mej til å gå på plankane. God helg, storesøster.


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