Wednesday, February 15, 2012

With a Copy of "A House of Pomegranates"

Go, little book,
To him who, on a lute with horns of pearl,
Sang of the white feet of the Golden Girl:
And bid him look
Into thy pages: it may hap that he
May find that golden maidens dance through thee.

Oscar Wilde 

I got the complete works of Oscar Wilde at a thrift store this weekend. it was t he sage colored, aged cover that drew me in, but I think I will learn to love the content of the pages as well. Oh, the magic of words...


  1. scan that cover, let's see it.

  2. i have a hard time with poetry. usually with something like what you posted i have to read it at least sixteen times before i understand what i just read.

  3. i normally dont read poetry, and who knows if i really got it... i just liked it i guess.


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