Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ReStyle Tuesday(!): The Ethnic Scarf

ReStyle Tuesday? I know this was supposed to be be weekly post for Sundays, and that various reasons caused delays and made ReStyle Mondays. Buying an apartment takes focus away from, lets say, restyle projects. I looked at it, and realized I skipped 8 whole weeks! I dont know if I will manage to get back on track, but I will try to be a little more crafty in the time to come.

Here is one little project I did the other day: 

I will thank my lovely sister for taking this photograph, 
I will call it: Dorky smile, no hands (?) and ethnic scarf

This scarf was once a part of a tunic my mother brought home from Africa. She never wore it so I took it, cut it in half and I still use half as a top, a third as a part of a skirt, and now I have a scarf as well! Because it is a very thin fabric, I decided to sew it like a long tube and then sew the ends together to make it into a cowl. I like the way it turned out. 

In other news: Bergen had sun today! You never know when you get this sort of hot weather again, so I made both ice tea and ice coffee to cool down. For the coffee I used this frappuccino recipe, but something wasnt quite right. If it was me, too little ice, the warm coffee or something with the recipe... I dont know, but the consistency sure didnt seem right. I didnt really matter, cause the taste was fabulous, and I will make it again for sure!

19 down - 33 to go 

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  1. Les bloggen din men he ikkje vore like flink å legge igjen kommentar i det siste. Gratulerer med ny heim og vakre dej he alltid mykje fint på gong. God sommar. E du i bergen, så gi en lyd ,-)


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